[31 Dec Trades] Spring Cleaning & Preparing For 2022

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On the last trading day of 2021 (31 Dec 21), I did some spring cleaning on my LEAPS portfolio and sold off 5 Facebook LEAPS and 2 Palantir LEAPS that are expiring on 17 Jun 2022. They are too close to their expiry date for my comfort as I prefer to hold LEAPS that are at least expiring in Jan 2023 or further away.

Selling away these 7 LEAPS contracts (circled in blue above) resulted in a nett loss of SGD4,456/ USD3,301 as the Palantir LEAPS were deep ITM and prices have dropped from $26 when I bought them to the current price of $18. However, I was able to absorb this loss due to the gains I made on my portfolio this year. I had wanted to sell off these LEAPS contracts and was waiting for the Santa Claus rally to end before selling them so that I can minimise my losses. It seems with the uncertainties created by the spread of Omnicron in the US and Europe, the Santa Claus rally has come to an end.

My new LEAPS portfolio looks like this now (above) and most of my LEAPS are expiring in Jan 2023 or beyond. I also sold off a Tesla LEAPS to raise funds for a new purchase. With the capital raised from the sales of LEAPS and covered call, I was able to gather enough collateral to sell a cash-secured PUT on Nvidia.

Nvidia’s share price has gone through a correction in recent weeks but they are a force to be reckoned with, be it their dominance in making GPU and other computing chips or their role in building the metaverse with their Omniverse software. I believe in the coming years, the market cap for Nvidia will reach 1 trillion and it is good to own Nvidia’s shares for the long run. If the market turns sideways in 2022, I will have holding power by owning 100 Nvidia shares and continue to sell covered calls against them to earn monthly income, while waiting for the share price to rise further in the coming years. If the market rises in 2022, I will keep selling cash-secured PUT on Nvidia.

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  1. Hi Jason. Love your posts keep them coming. I’m thinking of going into options. How do you decide between buying LEAPS vs selling cash-secured PUT?


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