In this blog, I am going to share with you my investment journey, the mistakes that I made during the early stages of this journey, how I changed my investment strategy and left the “safe haven” of the Singapore stock market and started investing and trading options in the US stock market. I will also share financial tips on saving money, wealth management and the safe ways of investing that can guarantee your capital while earning you higher returns than what the banks are offering you. So, subscribe and follow this blog so that you can learn and be empowered to make smart investment decisions that can change your life.

Disclaimer: None of the information contained in this blog constitutes an offer (or solicitation of an offer) to buy or sell any currency, product or financial instrument, to make any investment, or to participate in any particular trading strategy. Individuals should be well aware what they’re buying into instead of being drawn to anything being “guaranteed”.

Investing For Newbies

Zero knowledge on investing? Fret not, check out the articles in this section that can help you kickstart your investment journey.

Options Trading

Been investing for awhile and want to know more about options trading? Check out the articles in this section to give you more information and learn about options trading.

10 Side Hustle Ideas

Want to earn some extra cash on the sideline to supplement your income or provide more capital for your investment portfolio, check out these 10 side hustle ideas.

My Trades

Looking for inspiration on what stocks to trade or how to trade for profits? I will be sharing some of my trades in this section as well as the returns I achieve in my options trading journey.

1M Portfolio

How I managed to build a 1M investment and trading portfolio despite coming from humble beginnings. I also share tips and principles of building wealth that may be useful to you.

6 Costly Lessons

The 6 most expensive lessons that I learnt after cutting more than half a million of losses in the stock market through bad investments and failed trades.

Coping With Huge Loss

After accumulating more than 600k of unrealized losses on my portfolio, I wrote this article to encourage friends and investors who are also losing a lot of money to the market.

10 Tips To Save Money

Struggling with inflation and high cost of living? Try these 10 methods to help you save money and accumulate more savings for investments or rainy days.

EARN FRee Money

Sign up for WeBull Securities Brokerage and fund any amount (even $1) to receive up to USD500 worth of shares (Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, Google).

$120,000 In SSB

Why I am building $120,000 of cash reserves in Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) & 5 reasons why I think SSB is a worthy low or zero risk investment that you can consider.

Auto DCA Into SPY, QQQ

Sharing why I am doing Dollar Cost Average (DCA) into SPY and QQQ ETF for long term investments and a step-by-step guide to doing it automatically with Interactive Brokers.

Portfolio Reveal

Revealing my entire investment and trading portfolio (stocks, options, bonds) and my investment + trading plan for 2023.


I would so appreciate this blog! In this day and age, I feel it’s such an important lesson about financial literacy that I’m still unable to teach my children. Thank you so much Jason! ❤️

Camilla, Mum of 2

Jason’s blog is like the Stacked Homes version of personal finance, a solid no BS and all good content website.


This blog is like an answer to my prayer! I have been thinking about how can I make my savings work harder for me. Yet, I fear about going into the unknown or just trust my money to someone else to manage.


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