The Newbie’s Guide To Options Trading

If you are new to options trading and would like to learn the fundamentals of options trading that help you to grow your capital exponentially (with managed risk), then this article will be useful to you.

I have compiled all the knowledge that you need in this page so that you can learn them progressively or come back to refer to them, should you be confused in your trading journey.

Episode 1: Intro To Options
Why Options Trading Is Not As Scary As You Think

Episode 2: What Is A PUT Option?
How does PUT Option Works?

Episode 3: What Is A CALL Option?
Understanding How CALL Option Works

Episode 4: What Is Wheel Strategy?
How Does The WHEEL Strategy Works?

Episode 5: What Is A LEAPS Options?
How Does LEAPS Works?

Episode 6: What Is Implied Volatility (IV)?
What Is Implied Volatility (IV)?

Episode 7: Covered CALL Vs. Cash Secured PUT
Why Are CALL and PUT Options Commonly Known As Covered CALL and Cash Secured PUT?

Episode 8: ITM, OTM, ATM
What Is In-The-Money (ITM), At-The-Money (ATM) And Out(of)-The-Money (OTM)?

Episode 9: Which Trading Platform To Choose?
Which Platform Do I Use For Options Trading?

Episode 10: Getting Started On Options Using Interactive Brokers Platform
How To Buy Options on Interactive Brokers (Step-By-Step)

Episode 11: Video Tutorials For Newbie Traders
Watch These Videos To Learn Options Trading

Episode 12: App I Use To Monitoring Share Price
Apps I Use to Monitor Share Price

Episode 13: Comparing 2 Options Strategies
[Option Strategy] LEAPS Vs. WHEEL

Episode 14: How To Close An Options Contract Before Expiration?
4 Reasons To Close An Options Contract And How To Do It

Episode 15: What Delta Values Do I Use?
What Delta Value Do I Use For My Trades?

Episode 16: Why OTM LEAPS CALL With Low Delta?
Why I Buy LEAPS With A Low Delta?

Episode 17: Revealing All My Trades And Profits For 2021 (Till Date 23 Nov 2021)
Revealing All My Trade Records for Year 2021 (USD102k Profits)

Episode 18: My Secret Weapons For Options Trading
My Secret Weapons For Options Trading: I Watch These YouTube Financial Channels Every Day

Episode 19: My Guiding Principles Of Buying LEAPS
My Guiding Principles Of Buying LEAPS

Episode 20: The Risk of Buying LEAPS
The Risks Of LEAPS Options Trading & How I Mitigate Them

Episode 21: What Is My LEAPS Growth Formula & How I Use It To Pick My LEAPS
What Is My LEAPS Growth Formula | Read This Before Buying LEAPS

Episode 22: Why You Should Not Hold Your LEAPS Till Expiration
Why Holding LEAPS Option Till Expiration Is A Bad Idea

Episode 23: Can I Trade Options With A Small Account?
Can I Do Options Trading With A Small Account?

Episode 24: The Modified Wheel Strategy
Modified Wheel Strategy

Episode 25: Risk Of Trading With Margins
Understanding The Risk Of Margins, Selling Naked CALL & PUTS

Episode 26: 3 Reasons To Sell LEAPS
3 Reasons To Sell My LEAPS

Episode 27: How I Trade In A Bear Market
How I Do Earn Even When The Stock Market Is Bearish?

Episode 28: Rolling PUT Contract To Earn More Premium When Share Price Increases
Why I Choose To Roll My PUT Option Contract When Share Price Rises

Episode 29: Rolling CALL Contract To Earn More Premium When Share Price Drops
Why I Choose To Roll My CALL Option Contract When Share Price Falls

Episode 30: Facebook Group Options Trading Communities
Facebook Groups That You Can Join To Learn & Discuss Options Trading Strategies

Episode 31: Trading Strategies For Different Market Conditions
How Not To Lose Money In Trading? | My Trading Strategies For Bullish, Bearish And Volatile Market

Episode 32: How Options Trading Can Provide A Sideline Income
How Options Trading Can Help You Earn A Sideline Income | Written In Layman Term For Beginners

Episode 33: How To Generate Higher Returns From Low IV Stocks
I Discovered A Way To Generate Higher Returns From Selling Covered CALL For Low IV Stocks Like Apple

Episode 34: Why Selling Covered CALL Is The Best Strategy In Market Downturn
Q&A: Your Covered CALL Contracts Are Generating Good Returns But Your Shares Are Losing Money!

Episode 35: How Options Trading Can Complement Investing
4 Ways How Options Trading Can Complement Your Investment Portfolio


The LEAPS Strategy has helped me make more than USD120,000 in 2021. Here’s all you need to know about this strategy that can help you increase your wealth exponentially:
The Ultimate LEAPS Options Thread

Looking for ideas on what stocks to invest in or which stocks to trade? You can take reference from what I have been buying or selling. I try to update them as soon as I can in this section, as well as share my thoughts behind executing these trades:

Excited to start your trading journey or perhaps try out with a paper trading account to build your confidence in trading? Check out this step-by-step to help you get started:
How To Buy Options on Interactive Brokers (Step-By-Step)

I watched tons of videos on YouTube since 2020 and if you are wondering if there are any useful channels that you can subscribe to for learning market trends, TA, FA, check out this compilation here:
My Secret Weapons For Options Trading: I Watch These YouTube Financial Channels Every Day

I concluded my first year of options trading with more than USD160k of gain, see how I do it and the capital I use for every month to give you a sensing of the percentage yield I get out of my gains:
1st Year Options Trading Recap: The Journey Towards SGD$217,509 Profits In 2021

This blog is as authentic and as transparent as I can share, I do not just show the wins and hide the loss. I have made some very bad decisions in the first 8 years of investing and paid a huge price for them. Here is the loss I have accumulated during these years. I hope you learn some lessons from my mistakes.
I Cut $135,715 Worth Of Losses In The Last 1.5 Months

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