How I Made SGD105,543 (USD78,180) From Trading Tesla In The Last 7 Months (31 Aug 21 to 25 March 22)

Tesla has been one of my Top 3 best performers in 2021, alongside Nvidia and Alphabet (Google).

However, in 2022, I have barely earned any returns from Alphabet as I am only holding LEAPS contracts and they are in the red due to a huge correction for tech stocks. I managed to generate some returns on Nvidia through selling PUT and CALL options contracts.

Tesla continues to be my top performer in 2022, even when the stock is going through a huge correction. So, in this article, I wish to share how I am profiting from trading options on Tesla in different market conditions.

Bullish (2021)

In 2021, where it was a fantastic bull market and every dip was short-lived, I used the powerful LEAPS strategy to buy OTM CALL and sell them for massive profits, even without having a huge capital of own 100 Tesla shares.

As you can see from the profit table above, in just 11 contracts (including one that resulted in a loss), I have managed to earn SGD62,68k (USD46.43k). This is all thanks to Tesla’s phenomenal run to an all-time high of USD1,243 sometime in Nov 2021.

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Bearish & Volatile (2022)

By end of the year (Nov/ Dec 21), I have accumulated enough capital to sell a cash-secured PUT contract on Tesla because I think the 100 shares that I will own if the contract is exercised, will act as a good long term investment for this company.

I roll my Tesla PUT contracts a few times as the share price was rising in anticipation of a good Q4 result, which Tesla later totally smashed the delivery numbers and the share price spiked up the following.

However, the stock started to fall following that euphoria and it just kept falling for the next couple of months, to the low of USD766

During this period, I started selling and rolling covered CALL contracts to generate returns from the downtrend. The trade details can be found in this post:
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Finally, in March 2022, leading up to the FOMC meeting where the Fed announced an interest rate hike, I prepared for a potential rally by closing my covered call contracts and waiting on the sidelines. I also accumulated new capital through selling my SG bank shares to sell another OTM PUT contract on Tesla. As the rally in March continues, I keep selling and rolling my PUT contracts on Tesla to earn more income.

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Lastly, I sold a covered call contract on my 100 Tesla shares at a strike price of USD1,200 and collected a premium of USD2,000 (2.5%) returns. The reason is, the strike price of USD1.2k is the strike price of my previous PUT contract when it was exercised, which meant that I paid USD1.2k for each Tesla share in that contract. Therefore, if this current CALL contract gets exercised, I am basically selling away at 1.2k each with no loss. All the premiums that I collected from then to now form my profits. Also, I think Tesla has gone up quite a fair bit and the room to further rise beyond 1.2k is smaller now. If Tesla closes below 1.2k on the expiration date, I will still keep my shares and the 2k premium that I have collected.

I hope this sharing has been useful and I wish you all the best in your investing/ trading journey.

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