The Power Of LEAPS: Tesla LEAPS Is Up 340% In Just 18 Days

On 15 Oct 21, I bought a Tesla LEAP Contract and the details are as follow:
Type of Option: LEAPS Call
Date of Expiration: 20 Jan 2023 (461 days to expiration)
Delta: 0.194
Strike price: $1500
Premium Price: $37.50
Share price of Tesla on 15 Oct 21: $839.70

Based on Monday (1 Nov) Tesla’s closing price of $1208.59, the premium has increased to $165

Percentage of Tesla price gain: (1208.59 – 839.9) / 839.9 = 43.8%

Percentage of Tesla LEAPS premium gain: (165 – 37.5) / 37.5 = 340%

For this LEAPS, I have an unrealised gain of $12,750.

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