Total Profits From Trading Tesla In Last 3 Months: USD$48,740

Tesla has been one of the most talked about stock in recent years. Tesla has a legion of die hard fans who firmly believes that Tesla will one day become the most valuable company in the whole world. On the other hand, there is a group of value investors who think that Tesla is overpriced, overhyped and definitely not worth its current price.

I started buying Tesla shares early this year as part of my long term investment plan. In late August (31 Aug 21), I started buying Tesla LEAPS as Tesla was showing some bullish signs after going sideways for many months in 2021. I also sold a PUT on Tesla last Fri (26 Nov 21).

Here are my profits gained from trading Tesla in past months (from 31 Aug 21):

Tesla LEAPS 1: Bought on 31 Aug 21 and sold on 8 Nov 21, Profits of USD$17.48k

Tesla LEAPS 2: Bought on 15 Oct 21 and sold on 9 Nov 21, Profits of USD$13.45k

Tesla LEAPS 3: Bought on 25 Oct 21 and sold on 3 Nov 21, Profits of USD$5.18k

Tesla LEAPS 4: Bought on 11 Nov 21 and sold on 24 Nov 21, Profits of USD$1.65k

Tesla LEAPS 5: Bought on 12 Nov 21 and sold on 26 Nov 21, Profits of USD$2.28k

Tesla PUT 1: Sold on 26 Nov 21 and closed (bought) on 9 Nov 21, Profits of USD$1.5k

Tesla PUT 2: Sold on 29 Nov 21 and still contract still open, Collected premium of USD$7.2k

That brings the total profits from trading Tesla stock over the last 3 months to $48.74k.

Details of the above mentioned trades such as premium paid and received for buying and selling LEAPS options, strike price, expiration date, duration of trades, percentage profit can be found in this article:
Revealing All My Trade Records for Year 2021 (USD102k Profits)

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