I Did Not Predict The Rally, I Simply Prepared For It | What I Am Doing Next

The US market rallied for the second straight day after the FOMC meeting as the Federal Reserves announced they would be increasing interest rate by 25 basis points (0.25%), which is aligned with market expectation. The reduction in the balance sheet where the Fed starts selling bonds will only confirm in future meetings. Jerome Powell also played down the fears of an upcoming recession.

Elsewhere, China has vowed to support its financial markets, giving a reprieve to beaten-down technology shares. There is speculation that Russia and Ukraine had moved closer to a compromise in peace talks, which further boosted the financial market, which is worried about inflation due to the impact of the war and sanctions.

As shared in my previous post, I started preparing for a market rally when the market was down last week by closing my covered call positions. I could have hung onto them for a longer time for a higher profit while the market was down (falling share prices favors covered call sellers) but I closed them early to prevent myself from getting caught off guard when the rebound happened.

What I have done and Intend to do Next

Strategy 1) Rolling PUT Contract
On 16th March 22, as Tesla’s share price was rising, I rolled the PUT contract to a higher strike price and a longer expiration date closed the old contract for USD730 profits (in 5 days) and collected a premium of USD2,000 for the new contract.

The details are as follow:

Opening the PUT Contract:

Contract Type: Sell Cash Secured PUT
Date of Contract (Open): 11th March 22
Strike Price: USD700
Expiration Date: 14 April 22 (34 days contract)
Premium Received: USD2250
Returns: 3.21% (2250/ 70000)

Closing the PUT Contract

Contract Type: Sell Cash Secured PUT
Date of Contract (Close): 16th March 22
Strike Price: USD700
Expiration Date: 14 April 22 (34 days contract)
Premium Paid: USD1520
Profits: USD730 (2250 – 1520)
Returns: 1.04% (730/ 70000)
Duration of Contract: 5 days

Opening a 2nd PUT Contract:

Contract Type: Sell Cash Secured PUT
Date of Contract (Open): 16th March 22
Strike Price: USD710
Expiration Date: 22 April 22 (37 days contract)
Premium Received: USD2000
Returns: 2.82% (2000/ 71000)

Strategy 2) Selling Covered Call
I will be selling covered call contracts on my existing shares again when I notice that the uptrend is slowing down or when the share price has risen to the point whereby the strike price of the covered call contract is close to my average (breakeven) price and the contract brings a decent return.

Strategy 3) Buying 3 more Alphabet Shares Progressively
As shared in my previous post, I intend to accumulate 5 shares of Alphabet so that I can sell covered call contracts on Alphabet stock when it splits 20-for-1 in July. I have already bought 2 shares of Alphabet at USD2,688 and USDD2567, thus I have 3 more shares to buy from now till July and will be on the lookout for a bargain price to buy if there is another dip or when I find the price attractive.

Strategy 4) Selling away LEAPS CALL contracts, starting from the ones expiring earliest
The LEAPS strategy that worked so well last year became a ticking bomb for me this year as the time value of the contract is decreasing by the day. There is also an opportunity cost as the money that was used to buy these LEAPS contracts is stuck and not being able to be used for other investments.

I will be selling off those LEAPS contracts that are expiring earliest, i.e. those expiring on Sept 22 or Jan 23, if they turn profitable or when I feel it is time to cut loss before they all expire worthless. The main trading strategy for this year will still be to focus on doing the Wheel strategy and earn regular sideline income.

Concluding Thoughts

One lesson that I learned in my trading journey is to be prepared when the market swings in the other direction. When the market is falling, be prepared for the market rebounding and rallying so that my trade positions are not caught in disadvantaged situations. When the market is rallying, don’t FOMO in as it could fall the following week or days.

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Wish you guys all the best in your investing and trading journey!

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3 thoughts on “I Did Not Predict The Rally, I Simply Prepared For It | What I Am Doing Next

  1. Congrats on the good options trade for the last few scary days! Huat to u!

    Do you still remember the TSLA 740 PUT options trade that i shared with you that was so near the strike when the stock price was falling?

    Crap! I bought to close when the stock price rebounce to 800+- but on hindsight i should have hold a bit longer to get even max profit today.


    Now the stock price is so high and if i buy to close today…i would have be able to have almost 100% of my premium i collected.

    I really hope that on Friday, which is the quadruple witching days, the stock price drop for me to take advantage of the jump in premium before i sell a new PUT contract to collect high premium.

    What do you think? 🙂


    1. Hey R, oh I remembered that and I was feeling worried for you as the share price of Tesla was inching towards the strike price.

      Too bad we can’t predict the market else we will be billionaire by now…lol.

      Actually what I would usually do is to sell another put contract after I close that one and readjust the SP or expiration date.

      Using your case as an example, I will sell another 740 put but at a later expiration date if I am bullish about the stock. Or if I am bearish, I would probably be selling at SP 700. In both scenarios, if Tesla rallies, it will be good for you and you don’t miss out on the gains. If Tesla drops, you still have time or the buffer of a lower SP to wait it out.

      I hope this makes sense to you.


      1. Thank you for your kind sharing and thoughts!

        Ok I’m learning and practicing to get tougher now….

        I didn’t dare to roll to sell a new PUT contract.

        But today I’m hoping that there is a bit of retracement during today’s witching hours for me to go back in to sell a new PUT.

        But I’m wondering between today to sell or wait till next week Monday to attempt that.

        May be observing. 🙏


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