My Experience Riding In A Tesla Model 3 (& How You Can Win One Too)

In my recent travels, I had the chance to ride in a Tesla Model 3 because it was driven by my Uber driver. I usually do not pay much attention to the car model of the Uber drivers but because I am an existing Tesla shareholder and Tesla is my most traded (options) company, I was quite excited about the ride.

The Front

It was a white model and it looked sleek when it arrived.

The Door Handle

One of the unique feature of the Tesla’s car model is its door handle, which is so different from the conventional door handle. The driver has to paste a 2-step instruction near the car handle to guide the passenger on how to open the car door.

If you have not opened the door of a Tesla Model 3 before, this gif image below should be helpful to you.

I also struggled to open the door and get out when I reached my destination and to save you the embarrassment if you are in a similar situation, here’s how you should do it:

The Roof

The glass roof of the Model looked cool as it extended all the way to the back, unlike the conventional car where you cannot see what’s above.

The Smart Panel

The smart panel in front of the driver allowed him to see the vehicles around him as provided the GPS for navigation.


The coolest feature of them all is the Autopilot feature, which the driver turned on to allow the car to drive on its own for most of the journey, with only a finger on the steering wheel, to prepare to take over for more tricky situations.

Concluding Thoughts

With the design considerations put into the Model 3 and other Tesla car models, it is evident that Tesla does not want to just another car company but it wants to be THE car company that is going to dominate the industry in years to come. Every feature is designed to create a different user experience, to add value and not just copy and paste.

If one day, Tesla can transit from Autopilot to Full Self Driving (FSD), it will revolutionize the whole car industry and cars may just turned from liability to asset by then. I hope Tesla succeed in this area sooner rather than later.

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