How To Drive A Car Without Owning One? Car Sharing Review: Getgo Vs. BlueSG (Updated On 1st July 2022)

Owning a car in Singapore can be an expensive dream for many people, including myself. Other than the cost of the vehicle, car owners have to fork out tens of thousands for the Certificate Of Entitlement (COE) that gives them the right to drive the car for 10 years. COE prices have hit an all-time high despite the pandemic.

In the latest round of COE bidding results (June 2022), it costs almost $75k to purchase the COE for a small car (up to 1600 CC) and $106k to purchase the COE of a bigger car (above 1600 CC).

While you may not be able to afford a car, it does not mean you cannot drive a car on your own. This is made possible in a car rental scheme whereby you pay to drive whenever you need to. And when you are not driving, you do not have to pay a single cent, unlike owning a car where you are paying for the car price, regardless of how often you use it.

In this article, I will be sharing with you my thoughts and experiences with 2 carsharing companies, Getgo and BlueSG, what I like and don’t like about each of them.

(Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by either of the companies.)

Blue SG

Let’s start off with BlueSG.

BlueSG is an Electric Vehicle (EV) company with more than 650 shared EVs and 1,500 charging points in Singapore. They offer rental services from point A to point B, where A is your start location and B is your destination location.

This is the price plan for BlueSG:

What I like about BlueSG:

  1. The pickup point is right below my block and there is another pickup point near my parents’ place. In this aspect, it is convenient for me to start renting from my place and then stop renting when I have driven to visit my parents. (Check out the location map of cars and carpark slots here:
  2. Using electricity to power up the car, there is no need to refill your fuel.
  3. Allowed to reserve a car for 30 mins or a carpark slot for 45 mins respectively.
  4. Able to speak to an operator when there is issue with the car
  5. Able to return the car and not incur extra charges (when car is not in use) when I travel from one destination to another.

What I don’t like about BlueSG:

  1. Car is too stuffy and aircon has only 3 modes, cold air (which is not cold at all), hot and cold air and hot air (which I think is more suitable for European/ American countries where they have winter season).
  2. Monthly Fees of $8/ month, whether you use it or not.
  3. High rental rates at $0.42/ min.
  4. Lack of cars in heartlands in the morning, lack of places to park in CBD area. If you can’t book a car, it does not matter how near you are to the pickup location. If you can’t book a carpark slot at one of the charging station, you either have to find the next nearest carpark slot or park in a normal car and continue to let the charges of $0.42/ min run, which does not make any economical sense.
  5. No charging point/ carpark slot near the farms, nature reserves, typically the places you may want to drive and tour around with a car. BlueSG has rental packages if you need to use the car for 3 to 4 hours but it is quite expensive as compared to renting a car from other companies in the same time frame.
  6. Car is small and has limited power, there are no doors at the back and passengers behind have to enter and exit through the front door (with the driver seat pushed down).

More info on their website:


The 2nd carsharing company that I want to share in this article is GetGo.

GetGo is a fast-growing carsharing company that was launched in 2021 with 400 vehicles across 300 locations in Singapore and aims to be the largest carsharing platform by end of 2021. By June 2022, they are already the largest carsharing service in Singapore, with more than 1,300 cars in over 1,100 locations islandwide

They offer rental services from point A to point A, which means you have to return the car to where you pick it up from.

This is price plan for Getgo (ICE vehicle):

The price plan for EV:

What I like about GetGo:

  1. Easy registration, can use MyInfo from Singpass and you are registered. No need to take picture of NRIC photo (front/back) and driving licence.
  2. No monthly membership fees.
  3. No need to top up fuel to at least 1/4 tank before returning.
  4. At least 5 cars are within walking distance of my place. (Different locations may vary, check out nearby cars in your location here:
  5. Ability to rent the car the whole day and visit remote places like farms, Sungei Buloh and other nature reserves.
  6. Car is new, clean and in good condition, the aircon is powerful too.
  7. Promo codes are available every now and then to get a discount on the total cost.
  8. Can reserve a car way in advance (30 days).
  9. Different tier of rental charges, range from $3/h (non-peak) to $9/h for peak periods.

What I don’t like about GetGo:

  1. Cannot cancel for free if it is within 48 hours of the booking. (For this, if you have valid reasons, you can try to talk to the live agent and they sometimes can do their best to help you cancel for free)
  2. No hotline to call for technical issues, need to go through live chat, though the agents reply pretty fast and most of the time can help to resolve the issue.

If you are considering signing up for GetGo, you can search around for the first-time user promo code. If you are unable to find any, you can use my referral code KORRT12R to get $5 off your first booking.

P.S. This is what I found on their website:

More info on Getgo website:

I hope this sharing is useful to you, especially if you are considering between BlueSG and GetGo, or considering starting carsharing services. As you can see from the pros and cons of renting for the 2 respective companies, I would go for GetGo as it feels more like driving my own car. And a car in optimal condition.

Carsharing is a good way of driving a car as and when you want it, without paying the hefty costs (monthly loan, fuel cost, road tax, season carpark costs) of owning a car. You also don’t have to worry about maintenance and servicing. It is a smart way of having both the convenience of driving and saving money at the same time.

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2 thoughts on “How To Drive A Car Without Owning One? Car Sharing Review: Getgo Vs. BlueSG (Updated On 1st July 2022)

  1. Suggest you ipdate your review f GetGo.
    GetGo’s cars are poorly maintained and frequently filthy.
    But that’s a small issue compated yo the faulty technology. Connecting to the car often takes a few attempts before one can unlock/lock the doors – if at all.
    Maintenance is poor. Some renters don’t bother to top up the water levels or check the tyre pressure.
    Cars are not new either. Not a reliable service.


    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Yeow 🙂 I have experienced the connection issue, but it is usually due to poor reception at certain areas, e.g. underground car parks. In open spaces, I usually do not have such issues. Getgo do not penalise the renters who do not top up water/fuel so there will be renters who don’t bother to do that. The cars at my areas are pretty new though, some of the plastic covers are still intact.


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