How Much Did I Make From Options Trading In Feb 2022? Sharing My Trades, Strategies & Percentage Returns

February has been another volatile month in the stock market this year with no clear signs of directions. Every rally was short-lived and when the market started to get optimistic, it was followed by a few red days, after getting spooked by fears and uncertainties.

Trading has been challenging in this kind of market but I have used the principles and strategies that I have shared previously to help me generate some decent returns for this month.

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SGD$13,092 (USD9697) Increase In Profits For Feb

According to total profit table that I tracked the monthly increase in profits, I have made SGD$13k (or USD9.6k) in the month of February. This includes SGD4.5k (USD3.33k) worth of open options contracts that will expire in March 2022. The closed contracts (i.e. confirmed profits) brought in SGD8.5k (USD6.3k).

Percentage Returns

The returns I get from trading options in Feb is 1.67% and that is the returns off my total capital of 785k. If I only factor in the capital that is set aside for Wheel (CALL/ PUT) and minus the money stuck in LEAPS, then my returns for February will be 3.58%.

Summary of Trades

If you look at the summary of my trades, you may see a few observations.

I most trade/ sell covered calls (highlighted in yellow) and most of my trades are profitable (highlighted in green). The reason could be that I followed my strategy of selling OTM Covered Call in a volatile market and kept rolling them when the share prices fell.

One good illustration of how effective this strategy is seen in the profits that I made while trading Tesla stock in Feb:
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Concluding Thoughts

Ever since I started my options journey in late Feb 2021, I have managed to get positive returns every month. Maybe I got lucky in 2021 as for the most part of the year, we were in a bullish market. However, in the last 3 months (Dec 21 to Feb 22), the market was going through a huge correction and that is where the real test of a trader comes. I actually used 2 very simple option trading methods, Wheel and LEAPS, to achieve my returns.

In this blog, I share all that I have learned, my strategies, my trades, my capital & returns, my profits & losses, and everything I can share. There is no courses to sell, no membership to sell, and I answer every question and comment posted on this blog. I sincerely hope that someone reading this blog can benefit from it, even many years from now. The strategies are like mathematic formulae, they will not change with time. The only thing that changes is market conditions and marco enviroment, you just need to apply the right strategies accordingly.

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This blog is as authentic and as transparent as I can share, I do not just show the wins and hide the loss. I have made some very bad decisions in the first 8 years of investing and paid a huge price for them. Here is the loss I have accumulated during these years. I hope you learn some lessons from my mistakes.
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