Should I Start My Investment Blog?

I have thought about this initiative for a few months now and would like to seek some opinions from you.

14 Jan 2021 was a turning point in my investment journey because it was the day that I changed my investment strategy. That happened after a few months of learning financial literary on YouTube, spending an average of 2 hours per day, while I juggle the chores in life. I still clock that average duration till today.

I started investing in July 2012 and I had zero knowledge back then so I bought based on advice that I read from forums and blogs. That was a terrible mistake because many of the stocks that I have bought fell quite a lot in the last 9 years. So, on 14 Jan 2021, I was having a 5 figure net paper loss (2X,XXX). It would have been a 6 figure loss if I had not deducted the gains I have collected over the years from dividends and profits.

I attribute this failure to ignorance and negligence because there were stages of my investment journey where I was so busy with work and my passion to serve that I left the stocks to plunge on their own.

Fast forward 9 months from 14 Jan 21 to the present day, the nett loss has become a 5 figure nett gain (6X,XXX), as I used all the knowledge that I have learned from YouTube to good effect.

I feel that financial literacy is very important and it transform lives. Some people are high-income earners but they are also high spenders and splurge all their income away. Some people work hard but put all their money in banks and their savings lose value over time.

Financial literacy is rarely taught in school and instead, we are conditioned to work hard, get good qualifications and then find a good job that pays well. And when we pin too much hope on our qualifications and job, it makes us feel trapped, especially when we do not enjoy what we do at our jobs. Learning financial literacy and how to invest your money to get higher returns and possibly build a sideline/ passive income can help you take the pressure off the need to sorely depend on only one source of income.

I am considering for a few months to start an investment blog to share all the useful information that I have learned previously and still learning in my own investment journey. This blog will benefit people who are keen to make their money work harder for them or for friends to possibly create new financial pathways that can help them retire earlier. It is also useful for youth to understand financial literacy earlier so that they can start investing at an earlier age, which may motivate them to start saving more for their future investment and hopefully spending less on things that do not add value to their lives.

I know there are tons of investment/ financial blogs out there but I would like to see my blog as a sincere and truthful one that is sharing my personal journey and experiences (good and bad) and one that does not come with any hidden agenda of wanting to sell you any courses (on value investing or options trading). It is all done with the goodwill of equipping with you the knowledge to empower your lives and to give you more options in life.

If you think this is a good initiative and would like to be part of this journey where I intend to share with you all the knowledge I learned, please give me some feedback. I am quite stretched now with my own YouTube channel, motivational blog, Facebook pages and groups, motivational writings, day job, investments and trading so I would prefer not to start another project if it does not add any value to the people around me. I will do fine learning on my own and continuing my investment journey. It is just the part of me that feels like I am really blessed to stumble upon this treasure box and have learned all these useful knowledge for the past year and I really want to share these treasures with you.

All the info that I am going to share is free on YouTube and you do not need to pay for expensive courses to gain this knowledge. Also, you can learn to do investing on your own without going through a broker who will charge you a commission regardless of the outcome. Investing may seem like a risky thing to do but equipped with the right knowledge, you will gain confidence to invest on your own.

P.S. I have created the blog here and if you are keen, please subscribe to it via this website.


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