Top Singapore Financial YouTubers

Singapore, my home country, has quite a number of talented Finance YouTubers and I would like to showcase their channels in this post to bring greater awareness to their content as well as benefit more people who are in need of financial knowledge. Hopefully, with more publicity and support, it inspires them to keep churning out meaningful and useful content to benefit us all.

1. Adam Khoo (813k Subs)

Adam Khoo is a name that needs no introduction. He made his first million at the age of 26 and has since become a professional trader and coach, helping thousands of people all over the world learn about investing and trading. There is so much good content on his channel that you do not even need to sign up for his paid course.

2. chicken genius singapore (276k Subs)

Ken aka Chicken Genius Singapore lives up to his channel name, he is an absolute genius. He is the single person who has the most influence on my trading journey and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me to have stumbled upon his videos at the end of 2020. I have since watched 99% of his videos and learned so much from him. Because of him, I had the courage to venture into the US market and to learn options trading.

3. Kevin learns investing (62.7k Subs)

I first subscribed to Kevin when he had only 2k subscribers and his phenomenal growth over the past year is a testament to his hard work and the quality of content he presents to his audience. I love Kevin for his down-to-earth nature and his humor, which makes watching financial videos entertaining and enjoyable.

4. invest with stanley (30.6k Subs)

A channel with lots of good quality content, especially in SG stocks and chinese companies.

5. josh tan – TheAstuteParent (28.8k Subs)

A great channel to watch on personal finance, retirement planning, financial planning and SG stocks analysis and many more.

6. The fifth Person (25.8k Subs)

An interesting channel that always gives great perspectives on stock analysis, for both SG stocks and US stocks.

7. daren Yoong (9.96k Subs)

A fast-growing channel that is unique and different from many finance YouTube channels. Daren gives great analysis and presentation that is food for thought for investors, especially in Tesla and Apple. He is the one who covers the ground and visits factories and talks to employees of the companies, to give his audience a perspective that is unseen in many YouTube channels.

8. joey choy (9.87k Subs)

A channel with plenty of Technical Analysis on local SG stocks. If you are into studying charts, trends and price movement, Joey’s channel is for you.

9. dr Wealth (9.57k Subs)

An informative channel that covers a lot of quality into SG stock analysis, financial planning, and investment-related education.

10. tay chi keng (9.55k Subs)

A must-watch channel for Alibaba stocks investors.

11. Chris@honeymoneysg (8.69k Subs)

A great channel on personal finance, financial planning, how to get the most out of CPF, retirement planning and even BTO reviews.

12. Investing With nigel (6.79k Subs)

An informative channel that discusses the fundamental analysis of mega-cap US stocks.

13. southpaw chad (1.17k Subs)

A new kid on the block but produces quality content on options trading, investing in Tesla and tips on achieving wealth and financial freedom. I am sure this channel will be a hit in the near future.

If there is any channel that has benefited you and you think should be part of this list, please feel free to let me know about the channel in the comments.

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  1. Hi Jason,

    I enjoy reading your emails and find the content valuable.

    Do you have any suggested Financial YouTubers for us here in the United States by chance?

    Thanks, my friend.

    Appreciate you,

    Travis Rogers



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