[14 Feb 22 Trades] USD1456 Profits In 7 Days By Rolling Tesla Covered CALL Contracts + Update On My Tesla LEAPS

On 7th Feb, I sold a covered call contract on Tesla and received a premium of $1,600 for the covered call contract expiring on 11 March 22 (32 days contract) and the strike Price (SP) was $1100.

On 9 Feb 2022, the premium fell (due to Implied Volatility (IV) dropping) and I closed the contract by buying it back at $1062, thus making a profit of $538 in 2 days.

On the same day (9th Feb 22), I sold another covered call contract on Tesla (SP $1090, Expiration date: 18 March 22) and collected a premium of $1,595.

The stock market then went down on Thursday and Friday due to CPI data being announced at higher than expected. Tesla’s share price also dropped from $928 (9th Feb closing price) to $860 (11th Feb closing price), so did the premium for the covered call contract.

On 14th Feb, when the market opened and just before Tesla rises by another 3.7%, I closed the covered call contract sold on 9th Feb by buying it back at a premium of $677. Thus, the profit that I made for the 2nd covered call contract was $1,595 – $677 = $918.

So, the total profit that I made on closing 2 consecutive Tesla covered call contracts from 7th Feb to 14th Feb is $538 + $918 = $1,456.

I have explained further regarding this strategy of rolling my covered call contracts when the share price falls in the below article so that I can maximize the gains of selling covered calls: Why I Choose To Roll My CALL Option Contract When Share Price Falls

I also open up new covered call positions for my other stocks as the market rises. This is a summary of my new trades:

When the share prices increase, I am able to get a higher premium for selling covered call contracts with the same strike price (SP), as compared to when the prices are falling. This is because as share prices rise, the probability of hitting SP is higher as compared to when the share price was lower. Thus, the seller commands a higher premium for taking on a bigger risk of losing his shares.

My strategy for trading in a volatile and bearish market is to sell OTM CALL contracts and roll them if the share price continues to fall. If the prices stay stagnant and do not hit the strike price upon expiration, I get to keep the premium without having to sell away any of my shares. Thus, I can open up new contracts and keep repeating this process.

Update On My Tesla Sept 22 LEAPS
I have readers asking me about the status of my 8 x (SP $2,475) Tesla LEAPS, and whether I have sold them to cut loss. I am still holding onto the LEAPS though they have dropped to 10% of my average price. On 14th Feb, I added another 2 LEAPS to average down my price. So, the current breakeven average price of my 10 LEAPS is around USD2,112 per LEAPS contract.

I have shared the risks of buying LEAPS in this article and what I am doing to mitigate them:
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Looking for ideas on what stocks to invest in or which stocks to trade? You can take reference from what I have been buying or selling. I try to update them as soon as I can in this section, as well as share my thoughts behind executing these trades:

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This blog is as authentic and as transparent as I can share, I do not just show the wins and hide the loss. I have made some very bad decisions in the first 8 years of investing and paid a huge price for them. Here is the loss I have accumulated during these years. I hope you learn some lessons from my mistakes.
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2 thoughts on “[14 Feb 22 Trades] USD1456 Profits In 7 Days By Rolling Tesla Covered CALL Contracts + Update On My Tesla LEAPS

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    I am always hesitant to sell calls options, unless it’s covered.

    Because i run the risk of double loss if it gets ITM and getting my options exercised by the buyer and i have to be forced to buy at market price and then sell at a loss at strike price.

    Unless of course it’s covered. I may sell with a profit but then lower than if i sell them on my own.

    However of course the premium the call option seller gets and the profit might minimize the pain of selling at a lower profit. Haha.

    Thus risk management is stricter when trading call options as a seller. And thus the chance of margin call for high price stock such as TSLA is much higher and margin requirements is so much higher from the broker.

    Especially naked.


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