The Metaverse ETF

If you are a believer of the metaverse but do not wish to place all your stakes on any particular shares, you can consider investing in the metaverse Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). They are made up of a number of companies such as Nvidia, Roblox, Facebook, Microsoft, that could potentially excel and play a huge role in building the metaverse.

Investing in an ETF can also minimise the risk of a particular stock being overhyped or not performing to expectation. However, the downside is that the returns could be lower as the gains of some stocks could be canceled out by the losses of some stocks.

Lastly, it is worth noting that the ETF may self-cleanse over time, thus, the above holdings may not be final holding forever. The ETF portfolio manager will get rid of the poor-performing stocks or stocks that do not meet expectations and add new stocks that have the potential to contribute significantly and profit massively from building the metaverse.

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