Investing Tips From Adam Khoo

Adam Khoo has been always been a mentor whom I have never had to pay a single cent to. While he runs paid value investing courses and options trading courses, there is so much value in the videos he posted on his YouTube channel and you can actually watch them all and grasp a good concept on investing/ trading without attending his course. I have learnt a lot from him in understanding how options trading works by watching his videos repeatedly.

In this video (Part 2), Adam answers questions from his YouTube audiences and some of the topics covered include:

  1. His thoughts of Facebook and Apple IOS privacy change and it’s significance
  2. His stance on Tesla, what he thinks is the intrinsic value of Tesla and why he avoids the automobile industry
  3. Sharing about options trading strategies in bull (bull call spread, bullish synthetic spread) and bear market (bear put spread, bearish synthetic spread)
  4. What kind of stocks will benefit or suffer during inflation and increase in interest rate
  5. How he values stocks using the different matrix in fundamental analysis
  6. His biggest investing mistake

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