How I Save On My Deliveroo Subcription

Out of the many food delivery services, I personally like Deliveroo best. I have used Foodpanda and Grab Food in the past and my experiences with them were not as good as Deliveroo. Foodpanda had on a few occasions taken more than an hour to deliver food, while Grab has very high delivery charges during peak hours and often few riders available, which translates to a long wait and having to cancel the order eventually.

I like Deliveroo for a few reasons. They are reliable even in peak hours, which saves me from a long waiting time to confirm the order. They now also deliver from supermarket, which is a total joy for me as I don’t have to wait for more than a day to get the grocery, like how I always do from Redmart. They can deliver from the Giant supermarket in less than 30 mins. With the rising cases of covid-19 cases and advisory to stay at home, I am using Deliveroo services more, even to buy bread from the nearby Breadtalk and Duke Bakery.

In today’s article, I wish to share a simple hack on how I save up on the delivery subcription (Deliveroo Plus) fees. The Deliveroo Plus fee costs $16.90 per month, so if your total delivery fees for the month exceeds $16.90, then it is worthwhile to get the subcription. Assuming each delivery will cost an average of $1.99, you will need to order at least 8 times in a single month to get back your subscription fees.

What I did to get more out of the subscription fees is to cancel it before it renews on the same date next month. Assuming I start subscription on 28 Oct 21, the next auto renewal is 28 Nov 21. However, if I cancel the subscription before it expires, the last day of subscription is 28 Nov 21. So, I get an extra day out of the deal as my subscription is supposed to stop on 27 Nov 21. See the screenshot below.

Another hack would be to get as many items as I need, be it food delivery, grocery or bread, on the last day of subscription, e.g. 28 Nov 21, and not order anything for the next few days. Then, my new subscription will start on probably early December instead of the following day of 29 Nov 21. The thing about auto-renewal is that we may not need the delivery service as soon as the following day but we are charged for it anyway. By using this hack, I start my subscription only when I really need it and the subscription will end at a later date too.

The 2 tips above have helped me to stretched my dollar further with no disruption in service and it takes minimal efforts to execute it. I hope they are useful to you, especially if you are also subscribing to Deliveroo Plus.

If you are new to Deliveroo and would like to sign up an account, you can use my referral link below to get $16 credit that you can use over the next 4 orders:


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