My Disastrous Start To 2023

After going through the great reset at the end of 2022, where I cut over 400k of losses in option contracts, I had looked forward to rebuilding my portfolio in 2023. However, as it turns out, it has not been smooth this year. My total loss for 2023 at this time of writing is -$6.8k … Continue reading My Disastrous Start To 2023


My Brokerage Called To Ask About My 576k (Unrealised) Loss :(

A couple of days ago, I received a call from my brokerage, Interactive Brokers. It was a +852 XXX XXX number which looked like a scam call but I picked it up anywhere. The person on the line identified herself as someone calling from Interactive Brokers. She explained the purpose of the call was to … Continue reading My Brokerage Called To Ask About My 576k (Unrealised) Loss šŸ˜¦