What I Think The Market Will Be Like In 2022

Let’s just imagine this: If your boss decides to increase your salary by 100%, what would you do with the extra money? You probably clear some of your debts, put some into savings, and use the rest to get something you have always been thinking of getting.

After a few months, your nice boss decide to give you another 100% raise, so your salary now is 4 times your original salary. With the extra cash, you may want to invest more into stocks or properties, to earn more income.

As you have more cash on hand now, you are more willing to pay more for the stocks/ property that you have always wanted and that drives up the prices of the stocks/ properties that you are buying. What if everyone else also has plenty of cash and all of you are fighting over one property? The highest bidder wins and property prices start to get higher and higher because of all the rich buyers trying to outbid one another.

What if you still have money left after buying your properties or favourite stocks? Everything that is fundamentally sound is expensive and overpriced now. You decide to buy on stocks that are of lower prices and look to have plenty of upside. You buy them because you think they are going to 10x, 20x or 100x, just like the Google, Apple or Tesla of yesteryears. And soon, the prices of these stocks start to shoot up as well.

The above scenario was what happened in 2020 and 2021, where the market is injected with hot money from the Federal Reserves’ money printing machine. With so much money on hand, investor can afford to be the highest bidders and to take on more risk buying specualative stocks. However, all these will be coming to an end in 2022.

In 2022, the Federal Reserves is going to stop printing money and pumping them into the economy through purchase of bonds from the US government. With less money being pumped into the market, it seems like getting a 75% pay cut and going back to where you begin and getting paid your orginal salary. With less money on hand, many investors will feel like a middle-income employee where finances are tight. When it comes to investing, they are likely to go for value-for-money purchases because their budget is limited now.

These value-for-money investments refer to companies that are profitable, have good cash reserves and likely to withstand interest hike and inflation in the coming months. The speculative stocks will fall out of favour as investors turn from risk-on to risk-off, now that they have less cash on hand.

The market is likely to stay sideways for most periods as there is a lack of buyers trying to outbid one another to push up stock prices. There will be periods of a downtrend as negative catalysts come from the implementation of the policies.

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