4 Stocks That Made Up 70% Of Warren Buffet Portfolio

In this video, Tom Nash (financial YouTuber) discussed the 4 stocks that made up the largest percentage of Warren Buffet’s portfolio. They are Apple, Bank Of America (BAC), American Express (Amex) and Coca Cola.

Warren Buffet is a billionaire investor who has long been regarded as one of the best of all times. He focuses on finding great companies that are underpriced and accumulate them to wait for their true value to be realized.

Quick Summary

If you do not have time or a chance to watch the video below, this is the essence of the video:

Tom Nash discussed why these 4 companies are not just fundamentally strong companies but are also part of Buffet’s strategy of hedging against inflation, as prices of products are likely to increase with inflation, and the impact of inflation will absorbed by consumers.

The products offered by these companies have also been part of consumers’ lifestyles, such smartphones and gadets (Apple), banking services (BAC), shopping or payment (Amex) and addictive soft drinks (Coca Cola), thus making consumers coming back for more.


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