[6 Jan 22 Trades] Sold Disney LEAPS CALL To Raise Funds To Buy Tesla LEAPS CALL

The great mystery of Tesla’s share price continued on 6th Jan as it dropped for 3rd day in a row. After jumping 13% on 3rd Jan, fuelled by the excellent Q4 delivery numbers, Tesla’s share has lost all its gain after the last 3 trading days.

My unrealized gains on my Jan 23 Tesla LEAPS have also dropped significantly from their 100% returns just a few days ago. In my last 2 trading days, I have bought 2 more Tesla LEAPS at premiums of $2950 (before the stock price crashed on 5th Jan) and $2100 yesterday when the stock fell again. I own a total of 10 Tesla LEAPS now (5 x Sept 22, 3 x Jan 23, 2 x Jan 24).

I have a strong conviction that Tesla’s share price will rebound soon, especially when they are going to announce their Q4 earnings and CEO Elon Musk will be there to talk about new product launches. Also, the 2 new gigafactories in Berlin and Texas, together with the expansion plan of Shanghai gigafactory, will mean Tesla is going to ramp up production and break new records of car delivery numbers in 2022. If the share price continues to fall, I will source more funds to buy more Tesla LEAPS positions, because I think this is a good opportunity to accumulate more LEAPS contracts before the share price skyrockets again. Do check out Tesla stock technical analysis here.

My Biggest Loser

In order to fund my latest Tesla LEAPS purchase, I had to sell away the biggest loser of my trading journey so far, that is Watt Disney.

I have been such a huge fan of Watt Disney, especially the Marvel comic franchise (Iron Man, Spiderman, Captain America). Their movies were box office hits, so were their theme parks, until the pandemic changed everything. Disney managed to grow their Disney+ channel fast during the pandemic but it was slowing down in subscribers growth. Coupled with Omnicron spreading rapidly across the world and more restrictions coming up, I believe Disney’s fortunes were not likely to change in the near future.

I first bought this Disney LEAPS on April 21 and it was a deep ITM, with a delta of 0.91, strike price of $120 when Disney was trading at $188. I paid a premium of $7,550. I bought deep ITM LEAPS because I was just starting out on LEAPS and followed the advice of the options experts to buy ITM LEAPS to capture both intrinsic and extrinsic value. I later found out that OTM LEAPS allow me to earn more and have a lesser risk of being stuck when the trend reverses. When I sold the LEAPS at $4,150, I suffered a 45% loss on this LEAPS. Previously I also suffered a 3k loss when I exited the Wheel Strategy on Disney, to free up the capital to buy other big tech counters. Disney, together with my Bank Of America stock, was my way of diversifying out of the big tech but I suffered a huge loss as a result. I am still left with 3 Disney LEAPS which I bought at a lower price when Disney was trading around $160 and I hope these LEAPS gave me good returns to offset my loss.

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