10 Tips For A Happy & Fulfilling 2022

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. May 2022 be a wonderful year for all of you. Other than sending my well wishes to you, I thought that it would be useful to share 10 tips that I have learned in the journey of life to help you find happiness and fulfillment in 2022.

1. Take Good Care Of Your Health
Health is our most important asset in life but we often take it for granted. Without good health, every other achievement just pales in comparison. So, rest if you need to and slow down if everything gets too overwhelming. Health also includes your mental state, so if you are feeling stressed out, do find ways to help you relax and rejuvenate. Remember this, it is okay to be not okay. Talk to a friend if you need a listening ear and do likewise for others.

2. Appreciate The People Who Truly Cares For You
There aren’t going to be many who will take time out to do the things they do for you and put you as their priority. If you are blessed to have them, treasure them and appreciate them with simple gestures or words of gratitude. No one lives forever and someday, the people who love you and care for you will not be around anymore, so tell them how you feel or appreciate them before there is no chance to do it anymore.

3. Do Things That Makes You Feel Alive
We are burdened with too many chores and responsibilities in life and too little of what makes us feel alive. Before we know it, so much time has passed and we regret not doing the things we have always wanted to do or live a meaningful life. Whether you are a stay-home parent, an entrepreneur or a regular employee, find time for your interests and hobbies because they will eventually lead you to your passion.

4. Be Kind And Help People If You Can
One of the most rewarding phases of my life’s journey began when I started to give more of myself to this world. This world is full of issues and broken souls and it needs everyone to play a part to heal the hurt and alleviate the sufferings. And everyone can do something to help someone, through random acts of kindness, one at a time. What you get when you help someone with no strings attached or expectation of getting anything in return, is a truly amazing feeling of satisfaction that fills your heart and soul.

5. Keep Learning Even If You May Fail And Fall
The thing that allows us, humans, to keep evolving through times is our continuous quest for knowledge that can improve the quality of our lives. Knowledge is power and we now live in an era where information is readily at our fingertips to empower us, so we must make full use of this wonderful opportunity to enrich our lives with knowledge. Personally, the biggest takeaway from this pandemic was to be equipped with financial knowledge that helps me build wealth faster than I had expected.

6. Be Mindful Of What You View On Social Media
What people show or share on social media is often the side of their lives that they want you to see, probably also motivated by the fact that is also what you want to see. But I have seen too many fairytale stories crumpling to understand that there is another side of their lives that they are not willing to share. When we have this awareness, it stops us from building the seed of envy inside us and then feeling discontented and unhappy about our own lives.

7. Understand That There Will Always Be Someone Who Dislikes You For No Reason
No matter how much good you do or how well you treat others, there will always be someone who is going to criticise you or hate you for no reason. You have a choice not to give your time and energy to them. Remember, your inner peace is more important than trying to get even with them or trying to explain the facts to them. Because they will still eventually choose to believe what they want to believe. Focus your time and energy on the things that are more worthy.

8. Less Envy, More Gratitude
In the journey of finding happiness, you are likely to meet robbers and wise men. They are actually variants of yourself, shaped in the form of your thoughts and decisions. When you allow yourself to get envious of others and feel discontented because you do not have something that your friends/ relatives have, you rob yourself of your own happiness. And when you can count your blessings and be grateful for what you have, the wise men appear and bestow you a bag of happiness.

9. Manage Your Relationship With Money
We live in a world whereby money dominates our lives. We need money to survive, we need money to do many things and even to help people. Our relationship with money should be a respectful one, in the sense that we use money as a tool to help us achieve our goals rather than be used by money and get ourselves chained to a relentless pursuit of wealth, far beyond what we really need. Because when that matters, greed takes over and we keep wanting more. When we cannot achieve what we desire, we feel disappointed and unhappy. I hope you can understand that money is only yours when you have the chance to spend it and that it is only worthwhile when you do not sacrifice things that cannot be bought with money, e.g. your health and your relationships with your loved ones..etc, in order to earn more money.

10. Love Yourself More
The moment you decide to love yourself, to understand that you are worthy and enough, something magical is about to happen. You will realise that you are such a gift to this world and that you can make full use of your strengths and abilities to make a difference in this world. You will also understand that you have to preserve this amazing resource in you so by taking good care of yourself and keeping your cup full. Lastly, you will realise that it is your responsibility to keep yourself well so that you can always be there for the people you love most.

I hope these 10 tips will be useful to you as you navigate through 2022 with new discoveries and adventures waiting for you. Don’t let what happened in the past be a piece of baggage that you carry into your future. The past cannot be changed anymore but the future is still full of possibilities waiting for you. All the best!


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