My Total Portfolio Returns Increased By USD47,210 In 2 Weeks

One of my readers asked me to share with him my trade details and I remembered that 2 weeks ago on 23 Nov, I did a sharing on all my trades for 2021. Back then, I wrote in my blog post that the total profits were USD102,001 (you can view the records here). As of 7 December, 2 weeks later, my total portfolio returns grew to USD149,211.

I think the biggest reason for this quick rise is because I sold some of my LEAPS contracts and locked in the profits, especially there was some sort of trend reversal in December. I bought those LEAPS contracts earlier when their share prices were much cheaper. I also made quick profits off closing 2 Tesla PUT contracts in two consecutive days.

Now, these figures would mean nothing without the base capital as the denominator. My current total capital (as of 7 Dec 21) is made up of the following allocation:

Existing shares that I use to sell covered call -> USD42,833
Total collateral set aside for cash-secured put -> USD134,05
Total capital used to buy LEAPS -> USD294,790

That brings a total capital of USD471,990. This is not the amount I started with back in late Feb this year. In fact, I had less USD20k set aside for options. As I see more results in options, I started selling away my other shares and bonds to raise more capital for options trading. Also, the profits that I gained from my LEAPS contracts and the premium collected from selling cash-secured PUT and covered calls were also reinvested into the total capital to keep compounding and growing.

At USD471.9k capital, the total profits earned for this year (USD149k) gave me a return of 31.5%.


2 thoughts on “My Total Portfolio Returns Increased By USD47,210 In 2 Weeks

  1. Hi Jason,

    Thanks for sharing your trades. Just wondering what is your current age group? How to do manage to save up more than USD 400K capital? Are you still working or just relying on investment for income?
    Hope you can share more with us.
    Thank you.


    1. Hi Andrew, thanks for asking. I will be turning 40 next year and hold a day job as an IT engineer. The capital is built upon years of savings. I live quite a frugal lifestyle too, with no cars and condos, despite all my peers owning them. Btw, for the 400k capital, around 150k are my profits generated from options trading this year. Essentially, I only use 250k of capital. Hope this info helps!


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