[Money Tip] Spend On What You Need

This is the pair of shoes I am wearing now. I got it from a shoe shop that I highly recommend, Design & Comfort (D&C). Each pair costs less than $30 and can lasts an average of 1.5 years to 2 years. I have been wearing this pair for more than a year and while some “skins” are dropping off, the shoe is still in good condition.

We live in a world where we can afford many things and because of that, we buy first and decide later whether we really need them, or simply, buy more than what we really need. Just think of why Alibaba (Taobao) is making record sales every year, you will know the magnitude of online shopping.

What happens when we finally realise we don’t need them? Well, the rubbish bin is just a few steps away and the issue is solved. Even the blue recycling bins are available everywhere. But the damage we bring to this world, when we generate more waste and release harmful gases to the atmosphere when burning these waste, is irreversible. We are already suffering the effects of erratic weather conditions and global warming. What consequences will our future generations suffer?

On another topic of building wealth, it is not always about how much we can earn, through salary, business profits or investments. It is also about how much we can save. Earn big and spend even more, then we are left with nothing.

I hope this sharing gives you some food for thought. We can still living happily and within our means when we learn how to shift our focus away from our material pursuits. And we will do the world some good as well.


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