Trading Activity On 24 Nov 21: Thanksgiving Arrived Earlier (USD$13.5k Profits In A Day)

The market opened in the sea of red for the 3rd day running this week and I thought it was time to take profits on some of my LEAPS, especially on stocks that have run up quite a bit recently. Thus, I sold 2 Nvidia LEAPS, 2 Apple LEAPS, 1 AMD LEAPS, 1 Tesla LEAPS and 1 Rivian LEAPS (PUT) to net a total profit of USD$13.8k in a single trading day. If you are interested to find out more about these LEAPS, like when I purchase them, at what premium, strike price, delta, bought price, expiration date, you can refer to the below table.

The market eventually recovered and at this time of writing, most stocks are in the green. However, profits are profits and I have now freed up much capital to plan my next move. I bought 2 x Netflix LEAPS and 4 x Microsoft LEAPS, all expiring on Jan 24.

Netflix has turned its fortunes around spectacularly after disappointing Q2 earnings announcement with a series of blockbuster films and series such as the Money Heist, Squid Game, Red Notice and the latest thriller, Hellbound, to capture back the audience and market share. I believe they will continue to do well in the future with more addictive Korean series and movie blockbusters. I bought the LEAPS at the share price of $659, which is still lower than its all-time high of $700.

I also add 4 Microsoft LEAPS to bring my total Microsoft LEAPS tally to 22 LEAPS. I believe Microsoft is definitely poised for the future because they are strong in so many aspects, be it in cloud computing, OS platforms, gaming, or the metaverse. They are also not affected by Apple’s privacy policy in the latest IOS releases, nor are they are involved in all the anti-monopoly lawsuits that the big tech companies like Apple, Facebook and Alphabet are fighting in recent months. They have also overtaken Apple as the most valuable company in the whole world. Lastly, based on my growth formula, which forecasts the potential growth with share price gain, Microsoft has great returns potential, which is so far only matched by Alphabet (Google). Microsoft is my conviction stock alongside Alphabet, Apple, Facebook, AMD and Nvidia.

Details of new LEAPS purchased:

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4 thoughts on “Trading Activity On 24 Nov 21: Thanksgiving Arrived Earlier (USD$13.5k Profits In A Day)

    1. Hi Mike, yes it does. look under “Type of Option” column and you will see the 3 types that I always buy, “LEAPS CALL”, “Cash Secured PUT” and “Covered CALL”.


  1. Hello Jason,

    how much did u pay premium for newly added on Msft/Nflx from excel ? or price from paid is total u paid like msft,$5120 which u bought 4. So, u paid $1280 for one leap msft?


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