How Has Wealth Changed My Life?

Business man, rich, millionaire, billionaire, with many banknote dollars money

Life works in a marvellous way.

8 years ago, I pursue a passion to serve the community, advocate kindness, fundraise for meaningful causes and write motivational articles on social media to uplift others.

During those 8 years, I had so many career opportunities but I gave them up so that I could channel my energy to serve instead of working late nights to rush impossible deadlines just to impress my bosses and climb up the corporate ladder.

My investments suffer as well as I have no time monitor stock movements and be updated on latest financial developments surrounding the companies that I am invested in. When I realised it, I had already accumulated a huge loss as some stocks fell more than 80%.

Then, I start to see people around me find their wealth and prosperity. My friends, ex-classmates, colleauges and even junior colleagues, started rising up the ranks, getting promotions, buying their first car, upgrading to EC and private properties while I continued to stay in my humble 3-room HDB flat, take public transport to work and eat economical vege rice (cai fan) for lunch/ dinner.

Would I be richer had I not choose to serve and instead chase the Singaporean dream like everyone else?

Yes and No. And it all depends on how you define richness.

I will be richer in terms of earning more money (from work and investments), which will probably be further invested in properties to earn more wealth.

But if richness is measured in terms of pursuing one’s passion, living a meaningful and purposeful life or impacting and changing the lives of others, then no. I will definitely be poorer in that aspect.

If I have a chance to go back to 2013 and make a decision again, which option would I choose? The blue pill to lead a wealthier ordinary life or the red pill to live an extraordinary life minus the money? I am very sure I will choose the red pill a hundred times over.

Now the magical thing has happened. While I have not actively pursued wealth, it has somehow slowly found its way to me. I have been blessed to meet the right teachers to educate me and grow my wealth exponentially.

But to be honest, money is still a numbers game. While the profits grow by 3 digits, 4 digits or 5 digits, I don’t feel any more excited than the moment when I earned my first $100. On contrary, I felt a sense of unease and guilt holding onto these knowledge that I know can change someone’s life.

That is why I started this investment blog, to share what I have learnt and all my winning strategies, many of which I have thought of myself and proven them to be effective. I have no intention to package them into a course to sell you to earn more money. Like I said, more money doesn’t make me happier. I am only happy when I make someone happy.

Life is pretty much the same after my latest wins. I still take public transport and have no plans to buy a car. I still live in my humble 3-room flat and have no plans to buy a condo. And I still love my cai fan and the owner who will call me Xiao Di (turning 40 next year so this word will soon disappear forever).

I am still me. Ever excited to help another person and to enrich another life. With or without wealth. And to understand that there are so many more things in life that are more important than accumulating wealth, assets and accolades, is the greatest knowledge and wisdom I hope I can impart to you.


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