Finding The Magical Realm Of Happiness (Motivational Book)

I spend 6 years writing a 400-page motivational book titled “Finding The Magical Realm Of Happiness”. It is my gift for humanity, a life manual for anyone who needs a dose of good vibes, so that they can refer to whenever they need help managing their negative emotions or finding positivity, happiness and meaning in life.

<<Finding the Magical Realm of Happiness>>

We are all searching for the magical realm of happiness, the desired place and time where we will finally be happy and contented. Being happy is what gives life its meaning so we aspire to reach there.

We look around and start to compare with people living in other countries. We see the good things happening over there and conclude that their lifestyles are much better than ours, so the idea of migration comes to our mind. We envisage the day where we can finally break free of the routine cycle of work, debts and commitments, so we tag retirement, financial freedom to this magical realm of happiness. The earlier we can retire, the faster we will finally be happy.

So, after years of hard work and anticipation, the day finally arrives when we get to the desired place or stage in life where we have always wanted to be in. We have finally reached the magical realm of happiness.

However, we start to realize that things are not as rosy as we think. The country which we always hope to settle down for the long term begins showing us the disadvantages of living there. We then realize there are many things we used to take for granted when we are still in our home country, many blessings that we fail to appreciate when we have them here.

Let’s talk about retirement. The day finally comes when we no longer have to worry about finances, face mean bosses or difficult customers. However, while some issues are gone, there are new issues coming up. We realize that we are no longer in optimal health to enjoy what we always wanted to do because we are too engrossed in trying to reach our financial goals and we neglect our health in the process.

I hope to share with you through this book that the magical realm of happiness is here and right in front of you, regardless of your age or financial status. There is no physical place or stage in life where you can go to and be forever happy. However, you can create this place yourself, through a paradigm shift in thinking. The mindset change is so powerful that it will allow you to see the magical realm of happiness now, wherever you are and in whatever you do.

There are three volumes in this book. The first volume is all about uncovering the negative emotions that are surrounding us, so we gain more awareness on the waves of negative influence around us and how to react to them. The second volume is about generating positive energy, such as kindness, patience, happiness, that we need to diffuse our negative energy with. Once we are more aware of the negative energy in our surroundings, and learn how to generate more positive energy, we can move on to find our motivation and purpose in life, which will be covered in the third volume of the book.

The content of this trilogy is the result of my writings for the past 6 years (2013 to 2019). I have categorized the articles according to their genre for easy referral. I hope that the book will come in handy whenever you are besieged by negative emotions, facing challenges or lacking motivation in life. It can be the handbook that you always carry with you throughout life, as it becomes your dose of positive energy and source of inspiration, especially in difficult times. Since we are on a magical theme, I have named every chapter after a magical character or element to make them more special and interesting.

I hereby present to you my first ever motivational book, Finding The Magical Realm Of Happiness. Hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoy writing it.

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